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Sephiroth Fans
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The Rundown

This is a little community I created for fans of Sephiroth that aren't so interested in worshipping him as their dark, one-winged savior or something. As much as I'm aware that most of this is in jest, some people just aren't into the "worship" aspect of fandoms, myself included. I love Sephiroth, but I also like to poke fun at him and have a good time while enjoying his character at the same time. So, this is a community for the fans would rather not sacrifice their firstborn to be able to talk about Sephiroth.

And if you want to call him something "Sephy-wephykins," go right ahead. I don't care.

At any rate, while I enjoy and support thoughtful discussion, Sephiroth-related crack, fanart, and fanfiction are also encouraged here. So long as you're a fan of the one-winged asshat, you're very welcome to join. ANYTHING related to Sephiroth is welcome. ^_^


1. Don't be retarded. The number one rule. Note that there is a difference between posting is funny image of Sephiroth in a dress and discussing a silly topic like what his favorite Bath and Body Works fragrance is as opposed to prancing around declaring yourself as THE NUMBER ONE SEPHIROS FAN WHO WANTS TO HAVE HIS BABIES IRL BECUZ HE IS REAL!!111

2. Don't join if you aren't a fan. I've set it so that non-members can post as well, but please don't join unless you actually LIKE Sephiroth to some degree. You don't have to be his number one fan, but why would you join if your greatest wish is to see him run over by a steamroller?

3. Be decent to each other. This goes to members as well as non-members who chose to post. Debate is welcome, from non-members as well, but don't be complete asshats to each other, please. You don't have to kiss each other's asses, nor do you have to kiss mine. Just don't randomly act like a dipshit just because you feel like it. Sephiroth isn't real, and, if he were, he'd kill us all while we fought over who got to bear his Mako-infested, Jenova babies.

4. Spoiler cuts, thx. For anything related to Advent Children, or I'll chew off your kneecaps. I've seen it, but others haven't, sooooo. Yeah. If you value your kneecaps, spoiler cut.

As for FF7 spoilers...


There. You don't have to worry about anything else.

5. You can post pr0n if you want. Just el jay cut it, PLZ. Yaoi or het, I don't care. I likes me some pr0n and tasteful nudity, just el jay cut it along with warnings about the severity.

6. This IS a Sephiroth community.... Make sure everything that you post is related to Sephiroth. Pretty obvious. As long as he's a part of it in some way, it's fine. Just use your best judgement.

7. I don't mind advertising. Of course, I'd prefer that you keep it to a minimum. Don't spam my community every day to advertise your own. However, I don't mind you posting a link to another FF-related community or a request to affiliate with sephyfans. Make sure any advertisements ARE FF-related, though. If they aren't, I'll beat you with a rusty spork.

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